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Top Insider Tips for Travelling on a Budget

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How To Travel On A Budget

Travelling, something everyone loves and would do if it didn’t cost as much money as it does. Aside from time, money is the biggest factor that acts as a major deterrent to travelling.

If you’re a student or someone at the beginning of their career, it’s safe to say you’d need to save up for months if not weeks to travel. If you do agree with that, read on, you’ll find the compilation of travel tips and how to do it without burning a big hole in your wallet useful.

Avoid Unnecessary Frills

You might have found cheap flight tickets, but you would often find yourself jumping for frill benefits. If you want to save on those costs, avoid unnecessary frills such as priority boarding, seat selection etc. Stay away from these extra costs and you’d realise that you have more for your travels.

Hotel Alternatives

If you truly want to save money and still travel, try a hotel alternative, go for Airbnb, hostels or house sitting. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save. They are far more cost-effective and most of the time you’d find that hanging out with other travellers and locals/hosts would allow you to receive invaluable intel on what you can do during your vacation. Also, you’d find that you’d be able to cook your own meals at these places allowing you further cost saving opportunities.

However, if you do want to stay at a hotel, you’ll find that bargaining can actually get you discounts on the room (not always), hotels tend to see rooms sold at half the price is a better scenario than the room not being sold at all.

Public Transport

You might be tempted to take that taxi or get yourself a rental car when travelling, but stay away from these options. Car rental comes with the baggage of insurance which can be very expensive. Most popular destinations have tourist travel cards meant to save you money. Getting yourself one of those would help in keeping costs low and public transportation in these cities will be a lot more cost effective. Seriously, travel like a local. You’ll have stories to tell.

Fly at Odd Hours

Booking an early morning or a late-night flight is one of the best ways to save money. Most people don’t want to travel at odd hours and airlines are known to reduce the prices on flights serving odd hours. You’ll find that sleeping during the flight or taking a quick nap at the airport isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially when you realise how much money you’re saving.

So, the next time you travel, try these few tips, you’ll find yourself having so much more money when travelling.