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The Surprising Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

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The Surprising Benefits of Playing an Instrument

We’ve all imagined ourselves as musicians, performing to a crowd of thousands, fantasising about the fame, the glory and the thrill. A good bunch of us pursue this dream to take on music professionally and some us embrace it as a hobby. Regardless of the level of involvement, you have in music, research has shown that there are immense benefits to playing a musical instrument.

Brain Workout

Studies show that regularly playing an instrument can be a workout for the brain, especially in the memory front. Scientists have found out that parts of the brain that control motor skills and memory become more active. Which makes sense as playing an instrument with fluency requires memory to remember notes and chords and also utilises muscle memory.

Builds Character

We all crave instant gratification, but in the case of a musical instrument it takes months of rigorous practice and determination to become apt at playing and year of practice to master the nuances involved.

Taking up an instrument requires a great deal of commitment and perseverance. Whether you pursue music professionally or as a hobby, to get better you need to spend hours playing. This teaches you to be patient and disciplines you into a strict routine.

Exercise of Concentration

Studies prove that playing an instrument helps you with improving your concentration. Performing requires you to focus on playing the right notes and if you are playing with fellow musicians you need to focus on pitch, rhythm & tempo etc. This helps in improving your ability to concentrate on the task at hand and also maintaining focus.

Relieves Stress

Scientists have also concluded that music and playing an instrument can help in relieving stress. Playing an instrument allows you to vent and put your emotions into playing, which is found to be an effective form of therapy.

When you take up an instrument, you also take on challenges to master a certain chord or type of playing, working hard toward this and mastering it provides you with an immense sense of achievement in turn building confidence and boosting a positive mindset.

The aforementioned benefits are only a few of many. So it isn’t too late, if you haven’t already picked up an instrument, go for one.