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The Most Popular Styles Used in Photography

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Popular Photography Styles

With digital cameras becoming increasingly affordable, smartphone cameras getting better and the advent of social networking platforms focused on photography as an art form, everyone is being given the chance to become a budding amateur photographer.

When it comes to photography, we have so many different subjects to choose and so many styles of photography to pursue. If you are someone getting into the world of amateur photography or mobile photography as an art form, here is a list of popular styles of photography you could choose from.

Food Photography

Probably the most commonly found photography style on numerous social networking platforms focused on photography as an art form. Restaurants, chefs and bloggers turn to this professionally and amateur photographers use this to expand their personal portfolio of skilfully shot images.

Just remember, when it comes to food photography, its best to go with natural lighting and avoid the use of flash entirely. Artificial lighting, especially flash causes the food to look unappealing and distorts the ingredients’ natural beauty.


Portraiture is a professional photographer favourite and is incredibly difficult to execute. This is a very interesting style of photography as you not only capture a person’s photo but also try to capture their expression and their mood. This also involves gaining the subject’s trust and making them feel comfortable.

This style of photography can be a close up of the face or the body but is usually executed with focus on the face and the eyes. If done correctly, portrait photography can present you with some of the most beautiful images.


A style of photography nature lovers would find themselves turning to often. You might have seen stunning images captured and printed on magazines. However, it is to be noted that wildlife photography is incredibly difficult. Taking photographs of animals in their natural habitat can demand a fair bit of technical prowess and patience.

It also doesn’t help that you have no control over the behaviour and actions of your subject. Be ready to have your subject move constantly or simply flee the scene as you prepare to take a picture.

Black & White

A timeless classic, black and white photography is a journalist favourite and not surprisingly takes quite a bit of skill to master. Black and white photography allows you to shed the significance of colour in the picture and focus solely on the subject and the background and additional gives the photo a nostalgic effect.

Photographers love this style due to its ability to portray raw emotion from the subject, hence its popularity in portraits. Black and white photography also serves as a learning curve for those learning as you realise the significance of lighting and shadows involved in photography.

Hopefully, one or more style of photography caught your eye, its now your turn to try your hand at this and see which one becomes your signature style.