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So What are the Real Benefits of Fruit?

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Benefit of Fruit

Fruit, we don’t have enough of it, many kids and adults don’t like it, doctors can’t recommend it enough. Nature’s very own sweet tooth option, of the healthy kind, are without a doubt the unsung heroes of the food/dietary chart. If you aren’t already consuming a healthy dose of fruit as part of your diet, you should be (people with allergies and medical conditions, you’re excused).

Natural and Healthier Dessert

Let’s be honest, we all love a good post-meal dessert option. Unfortunately, most desserts come with a high-calorie baggage. Fruit, while naturally sweet, can be your ideal dessert option. If you aren’t open to consuming fruit in their natural form, you can always get creative and switch to having smoothies and ice creams made from fruit rather than food colouring and flavouring.

Health Through Immunity

The mighty Apple has an abundance of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. Vitamin C is known to have strong antioxidant properties which allow the human body to develop a strong resistance against infections and maintain an overall healthy and strong immune system.

Low Calorie Baggage

Fruits being non-processed food are naturally low in calories and fat and are a simple, safe and delicious source of sugar, fibre and vitamins essential to a healthy life. Apples and Bananas, probably the most consumed fruit are packed with nutrients. A 100g of apple contains approximately 50 calories.

So, for those watching their calories, fruit are an excellent source of vital nutrients and minerals, fill you up and are void of any unhealthy fats.


The importance of fibre cannot be overstated. Dietary fibre is crucial to maintaining a healthy digestive system. It also plays a vital role in stabilising glucose and cholesterol levels. Research shows that countries with a high fibre diet, report lower occurrences of heart issues. As you might have already guessed, yes, fruit is an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Nutrient Blast

Fruit contains vital vitamins and nutrients for a well-functioning body and a healthy lifestyle. The risk of heart diseases and stroke can be reduced by potassium found in fruit like Bananas and Pomegranate.

Apples also carry small quantities of minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. These help in controlling heart rate, blood pressure, counter the negative effects of sodium and promote optimal cell function.

So, all we are saying is, give fruit a chance. They’re delicious, aren’t overly expensive, natural, not processed and some nature’s most beneficial food.