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Making Your Bed in the Morning Can Have Unexpected Effects

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A Simple Lifestyle Change – Make Your Bed Every Morning

Making your bed, first thing in the morning is one of the easiest, smallest and beneficial lifestyle change you could make. A majority of us get up and start getting ready for school or work and in between this hassle, forget to or avoid making our beds. Mostly as it is seen as a task that could eat into valuable morning time that could be used for getting ready.

However, studies have shown that making your bed as you wake up has immense mental benefits. Here are five very compelling reasons to make your bed.

Sense of Accomplishment in the Morning

Making your bed gives you the crucial sense of achieving something first in the morning. You start your day, by successfully executing something, something small, but nevertheless something important. This sense of accomplishment is known to give you a boost of positive energy right in the morning, allowing you to begin your day in a positive and productive manner.

Chain Of Good Decisions

The simple feeling of achieving something and making a good decision in the morning is known to encourage you to continue to make good decisions throughout the day. Maybe you take the stairs, maybe you decide to walk instead of taking the bus, buy the healthier Salad and soup for lunch, it could be small yet effective and relevant good decisions. The small act of making your bed is known to set a chain of other good decisions and in turn, instils a sense of discipline in your routine.

A Neat Bed Waiting For You

Let’s face it, most of us tend to be tired after coming back from work or school and if you hit the gym or workout after work all the more. Coming back to a bed that’s been made and is ready to tuck yourself into could be one of the most welcoming sights. You’d rather make your bed right in the morning when you have the energy to rather than when you come back sleepy, tired and ready to hit the bed.

Encourages You To Declutter  

Making your bed and keeping it neat is known to encourage you to keep the surroundings and your room clean as well. It serves as an automatic reminder or point of encouragement to declutter your surroundings. As research shows, decluttering and maintaining a well-kept room can lead to lowered levels of stress and increase productivity due to a lack of distraction.

An added benefit being in the case of you hosting friends for the evening, you would not have to worry about a dirty or cluttered room or environment.

The act of making your bed could be the small yet significant lifestyle changes you need. If you’re still not convinced, Admiral William McRaven explained the importance of making your bed in his keynote speech at the University of Texas.